Beware the Self-Proclaimed Cougar Finder

it never fails. However big your circle of male friends are, there will always at least be one guy out there who claims to be a cougar finder. This rule applies regardless of the sexual demographic you guys find most attractive. For example, if you hang out with a bunch of guys who are looking primarily for sorority pussy, there will always be somebody there who is the sorority pussy killer. If you are, on the other hand, are looking for professional women under the age of 30, there will always be a guy who claims to be the self-proclaimed messiah of that kind of pussy. Do you see how this all works out?

Well, if your group of friends have discovered cougar pussy via a site that offers free cougar dating for all, then you are sure to be confronted by a guy who is convinced that he is a cougar finder. The problem with these guys is that they are false prophets. They talk a big game, but for the most part when it comes down to what matters most, they fall flat on their faces. The worst part is that they spout out all sorts of bullshit and lies that they end up dragging other guys down with them because of their wrong assumptions and wrong expectations.

You have to be aware of these guys because they can’t help but knock your game down. If you are serious about your pussy finding and pussy fucking game, don’t listen to self-proclaimed lady killers and pimps. These guys are actually the opposite. These guys are extremely insecure, have low self-esteem, and can’t fuck their way out of a wet paper bag. Do yourself a favor and just stop listening to them.


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